Sarah Harris: Founder of The Framing Studio (1994) and Co-owner of the Nines Gallery.
Sarah Harris was born in Bath, England and raised in the nearby city of Bristol. She is a graduate of the renowned Clifton School for Girls and emigrated to the United States in 1984. After a stint of owning her own skin care business in Atlanta, Sarah moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1987 where she began working as a picture framer. Sarah moved to Holland, Michigan in 1989 and first worked for picture framing shops in both Grand Rapids and Holland before purchasing Macatawa Bay Framing Co. which she renamed The Framing Studio. With her husband, Alex Fink, she helped create The Nines Gallery in 1998. Sarah Harris is well known for her innovative design sense and fastidious attention to detail. She has been a Certified Professional Framer since 1988. Sarah’s hobbies are traveling, hiking, reading, and she enjoys spending time with her family.

 Jeffrey Zavadil: Senior Associate for The Framing Studio and
Nines Gallery.
Jeff Zavadil was born and raised in Holland, Michigan. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1984 with a BA degree in Landscape Architecture and has worked for firms in Grand Rapids, San Francisco, and Chicago before starting his own Landscape Design Company ten years ago. An accomplished artist, Jeff has also worked occasionally in the art and picture framing industry since 1994. Jeff joined the Nines Gallery and Framing Studio in the spring of 2000 and quickly distinguished himself as a talented designer, irreplaceable craftsman and heady sales associate. His hobbies include painting, traveling, and enjoying the company of his cats.

Q: Art Dog and Shop Mascot.
Q is and always will be in training to become the best shop dog ever. He is a poodle mix, is full grown at 40 lbs. and is very friendly with all people and children. However, if you don’t like dogs, please let us know and we’ll make sure Q won’t wander while you are shopping at The Nines Gallery and Framing Studio. Your comfort is our first priority.