Barabara Bushnell Day

Using various techniques found in the study of fiber including knitting, wrapping, and coiling, I work with yarn, reed, and wood to form sculptural pieces reflecting my experiences along life’s journey. It is a journey we have all undertaken and binds us together in a common humanity. I strive to express the experiences and emotions encountered on my journey through life and common to us all. Feelings found deep in my core and ever present.

Architecture inspires my dimensional direction, in particular the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and Alden Dow. The relationship of size and placement of pieces, the importance of positive and negative spaces, the playfulness of rhythm, along with the beckoning to enter has always been my enticement. Color and texture bring life to my work

I have been interested in exploring the use of fiber in dimensional work since opening my studio. The use of fiber allows me a very tactile, manipulative, and meditative experience. It is always a challenge to explore what more can be done with the next length of yarn. From knitting as a young child, through weaving and basketry I have learned many techniques which are now incorporated in my current work.