Carol Redmond

I typically work in series or with multiple-panel grid arrangements. Some of the series paintings are mounted on dimensional boxes and others are 2-D pieces framed at the Nines. The repetitive patterning created by hanging the paintings in a series brings a contemporary feel and geometric structure to the often traditional subject matter of the paintings. In the past few years, I have produced sets of paintings featuring still life and landscape subjects, but with a nod to contemporary geometric and minimalist art by way of the grid. When painting from life I try to set aside the subject’s identity as an object, breaking down what I see into geometric shapes, directional lines and color combinations.

In other work for the Nines Gallery I have pushed the boundary between recognizable subject matter and abstract work. A recent series of paintings on paper plays with the line between these two traditions using layering techniques. I began with renderings of botanical subjects, animal patterning and microscopic images from nature, scaffolding the paint until the subject became secondary and a more abstracted piece emerged.