Sara Dykema

My newest body of work reflects the changes and shifts that have happened in my own life since moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming 5 years ago.
Moving to JH after my son completed and won his 3-year battle with leukemia has freed me and my family to make a fresh start and redefine us in the process.

This sense of freedom, embracing life anew has brought new colors, materials, and subject matter into my work. I find inspiration and possibility in everything around me…photographs, decorative paper, magazine clippings, nature, poetry are all ingredients in my process. I play with and develop multiple pieces, in multiple methods and mediums at the same time in my studio because they feed off of each other … for me more is more!

My landscapes were sparked from a long drive through eastern Idaho, with its dramatic light filled vastness. Infused with the spirit and light of the land I evoke the calm quiet spaces where I find peace, quiet and joy in the play of color and composition. Working in my studio with pictures and memories of the landscapes are more of a distilled memory or meditation on the enveloping experience, rather then the strict reality of the land.

These smaller works feed into the larger collage giving the piece some form of reality to support the more abstract narrative of the painting. I love the play of the pattern created with the clear forms of cut paper against the softer elements of the luminous paint.

In the busy, hectic sometimes-frightening world we live I want to share some of the peace, beauty, and the effervescent intangible energies found in nature and art.